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We understand it’s not ideal getting roofing work carried out to your premises, however we are committed to undertaking top quality roofing work whilst causing minimum disruption to your property. We take great pride in keeping our working environment clean and tidy.


If you’re searching for a roofer in Cannock then look no further than Harris Property Maintenance. A now third generation roofing contractor, we really know our stuff and can get any roofing work carried out to best industry standards. As a consequence of us being better established, we have a great team of qualified and talented roofers who can offer a wide range of roofing services both residential and commercial. We continually train our staff in order to preserve our standards of work and in addition make sure that safety steps are properly adhered to.

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Slate Roofing in Cannock

Tile and slate Roofing Fitted and Repaired – Harris Property Maintenance are a knowledgeable local roofer in Cannock who are able to both fit and repair slate and tile roofs to up-to-date British standards.

We’ll happily work with property developers that are working on new build houses or help you in fitting a new tile roof to your extension to an existing property.

For those who already have a slate or tile roof then we can repair it for you at a substantial cost saving when compared to a full re-roof. The colour palette for concrete and clay roof tile includes countless choices with options covering anything from a single colour tile to a matrix of up to five colours Styles cover anything from flat to barrel-shaped tile, and either changes the appearance of a roof noticeably.

There is also a wide range of diligently blended hues which range from subtle tints to vibrant colours, and wood and slate textures that imitate nature. In addition to tile’s unique beauty, most concrete and clay tile manufacturers usually offer a minimum 50-year limited warranty on their products. For clients considering slate roofing in Cannock, this warranty covers their roofing materials for as long as they own their homes.

Roof Repairs in Cannock

At Harris Property Maintenance, we’re more than mindful that a roof can bare the full force of the British weather conditions and can regularly be left needing repair. We cover a wide range of roof repairs in Cannock and will be able to apply the most effective techniques needed for your specific roof type.

In order to prevent roof failure it is always smart to consider roof maintenance as an option, this can be ideal for roofs which have been installed 10 or more years ago and need bringing up to modern day standards.

You can be assured that the workforce here will take care of your roof and repair or maintain your existing roof using the very best quality materials and the best techniques.

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If your property has been damaged by a storm or has just produced a leak with time then you’ll be glad to understand we supply an emergency roof repair service where we’ll respond to your enquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this instance it is always best to speak to our team via phone where we’ll be able to advise you of the possible choices for repair and also the next steps you should take to have your roof repaired so that it’s completely protecting your property from the elements.

Flat Roofing in Cannock

Flat roofing installed poorly can prove to be an expensive, continuous problem! A flat roof installed effectively by an experienced roofer in Cannock will last many years. Harris Property Maintenance has many years of experience setting up flat roofs, whether you need a standard gravel finish or maybe a more modern fibreglass finish, we can advise you on the most suitable product for your project.

We take pride in the grade of our flat roofing work. Our Cannock roofers only use the best materials and equipment and every product we install, from felt roofing and single ply membranes to more modern materials like GRP Fibreglass and rubber roofing, is certain to give reliable and effective property protection for many years to come.

Our roofers work tirelessly to get the roofing that you require installed to the highest quality. We also provide a full roof waterproofing and repair service to flat roofing in Cannock which ensures you are able to go throughout your day without the worry of leakage or further damage to your property.

Our team will work efficiently and quickly to supply the best liquid applied membrane which in turn gives you a stable and sturdy roof, no matter what it takes.

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Upgrading your existing flat roof? Liquid system roofs are well suited for roofs you need repaired or refurbishing. After evaluating you roof, the liquid resin can be applied onto your existing roof with a new guarantee, often with no need to remove your existing roof covering.

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